t5 Business Network, aka t5 Business or t5, is a network marketing program that has been designed to make you rich through referrals.

t5 is a network referral program by Agape Harvest Institute, a pre-tertiary education institution in Ghana and other parts of the world. The program is designed for individuals and marketing agencies who want to earn more money through referral and word of mouth marketing.

t5 is your own business. You are your own boss. Work at your own time, with your own style and earn whatever you want to earn. t5 Business has zero restrictions. Become a millionaire whenever you choose.

t5 members earn GHc3,000 (about USD 750) per referral to Agape Harvest Institute. That means if you only refer 10 students a month, you already have GHc30,000 (about USD 7,500) in just 1 month. There is no referral program in the world that pays this much.

t5 is a millionaires program for serious marketers, but wherever your referral skill level is today, you can also start earning from the t1 member membership level.



1. Register for free today as a member of the t5 Business Network.

2. Check out the courses offered at Agape Harvest Institute.

3. Refer a student to enroll for any course at Agape Harvest Institute and earn money for your referral.

NB: Give your referral code to your referrals to use when registering for any course at Agape Harvest Institute. You will be given a referral code when you sign up for the t5 program. The referral code will be used to identify you as the referrer of that student.

Unverified or newly registered members will start as t1 members. t1 members will earn GHc50 per referral. The GHc50 for t1 members is even higher than numerous referral programs out there, but don’t stop there. Meet your monthly target for 3 consecutive months and upgrade to a t2 member.

As a t2 member, you earn GHc100 per referral. Also meet your monthly target for 3 consecutive months and upgrade to a t3 member, where you earn GHc200 per referral. Meet your t3 monthly target for 3 consecutive months and upgrade to a t4 member.

t4 pays you GHc250 per referral. The higher you go, the lesser the monthly target becomes. As a t4 member, you are one step away from being verified. Meet your t4 referral target also for 3 consecutive months and bingo, you have joined the millionaires club as a t5 member.

t5 members earn GHc3,000 per referral.

t5 members will always remain as t5 members and will be paid so high for any student they refer to Agape Harvest Institute.

Check out the earning structure.